Civil & Earthworks

21 Years of Combined Experience
Earthworks are engineering works created through the moving or processing of parts of the earth’s surface involving quantities of soil or unformed rock. The earth may be moved to another location and formed into a desired shape for a purpose. ┬áMuch of earthworks involve machine excavation and fill or backfill.

DVH Industries has had extensive experience in earthworks, roadway excavation, drainage or structure excavation, bridge excavation, footing excavation as well as dredge excavation.

DVH Industries can include any earthworks needed in conjunction with Sheet Piling which includes roads, railway beds, causeways, dams, canals, to reconfigure the topography of a site, or to stabilize slopes as well as any operation that involves the excavation or construction of earth embankments.

If you require further information regarding earthworks and sheet piling please do not hesitate to call.